Monday, 16 April 2012

Life At This Moment

it seems like forever since my last post.
What's new?...
Problems with exchange paper work getting - stressed like crazy!

co-op = falling short with some hours, but still loving it.
Drama = working steadily
sociology = interesting, just finished my paper proposal 5 seconds ago.
Plein air = annoying but I finished the first step of my final EXAM ALREADY!!
music = dead X.x

thats school; the usual

What is exciting is I started and Assistant Stage Manager Job. it great fun, demanding, high energy, and STRESSFUL. I work about 24 hours every weekend in april (thursday to sunday) its busy, killing me, and a great experience. I learning a lot on the job.

Exchange related stuff:

I have started:
- collecting gifts
- creative thank you cards
- emailed government officials for provincial and Canadian information for my presentation and pins to exchange.
- and finally starting check lists :)

Stressed, busy and tired, this is when I say good night and enjoy every moment you're giving.