Friday, 26 April 2013


For some reason Easter was not Easter this year.

For Easter break this year my host family was going on trip to Florida and could not take me with them because I had my own trip to Italy. My family left a few days before my trip started so I stayed with a fellow rotary exchanger and friend, Yurina and her host family for Easter weekend.

The whole weekend seemed like any other. When Easter Monday came we went to the grandparents house for brunch. It was a nice morning and a delicious meal, but just not the Easter I'm used to.

Another new experience.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Les Mis-érables

Ok, anyone who knows me knows that I love musicals... and plays...and movies... and theater in general.

I am willing to admit that I can become "extreme" on the topic (sorry, my english has left the building and french phrases are coming out in english)

This year when I went to London I fell in love with Les Mis on stage. Then as time crept closer for the premiere of the new movie staring Hugh Jackman, I was not capable of talking about anything but Les Mis.
Unfortunately, Les Mis did not open at the same time it did in Canada, or the States, or Germany, or the Netherlands...(you get the picture...)
The movie opened in Canada on Christmas day, so obviously my family had to be the first ones to see it...and tell me all about it...and sing all the songs. Then slowly the posts on FB started mentioning song lyrics, and reviews. I was being tortured because it would not open in Belgium until the end of FEBRUARY...
So I did what any crazy canadian exchange student who lives on the boarder of a neighboring country would do; I went to the Netherlands for the sole purpose of seeing this movie.
Then I went a second time... Then when it opened in Belgium, I obviously had to see it closer to home...
Needless to say I may be obsessed... and I apologize to my friends, fellow exchangers and my host family for putting them through this torture...

Which will not end soon because I now own the film....
sorry  ;)