Tuesday, 27 March 2012

March Orientation

This past weekend my parents and I traveled to the wonderful north Bay for the second of three orientation weekends.

It was a lot of fun seeing all the other outbounds. I missed them so much even though I only met them on the last orientation weekend almost two months ago. I feel so close to all of them. I think it's special how we all have this special experience that create a bound between us all.

Anyways, Saturday My parents and I had an interview with four board members from district who are in charge of our exchange. Then I chilled in my room with my dad for an hour. In the later afternoon most people had finished their interviews and so all the out bounds clustered in the hallway near the interveiw room and hung out.  It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone, we all talked in the hallway for a couple hours. At 5:30 there was a reception for everyone. All the adults were standing and socializing, and the students chatted some more at tables at one end of the room. It was a great evening!:D

Sunday was an early morning. Registration started at 8:15 and the meeting started shortly after that. The entire day was filled with information. Information about responsibilities, rules, requirements, an amazing inbound's speech about his experience, a rot-ex's speech about his experience, then his mom's, more information, information specific to our country, etc. All the outbounds had to say a short speech in the language of their host country, and EVERYONE did an amazing job. I was nervous for mine because I knew that there were 3 families that are bilingual and would understand how bad my french was. Apparently I did very well. a packed day from 8- 3:30. then the journey home.

I was soooo tired and did not feel well after the weekend, from sitting all day and staying up the night before. All around though it was an amazing weekend with amazing people.

OH, I also hot all my business cards!!! My very first business card ever.LOL

The time passed quickly from the last orientation weekend to this one, I hope time passes just as quickly to the next weekend.  the next time we all have to say a 5 minute speech.

I'm sooo excited, happy, and grateful for this experience.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pie Chart

I thought this was funny. I don't know how much is true ;P

Saturday, 10 March 2012

March Break

March Break is here and all I want to do is wish it away because then I'll be closer to the outbound weekend in North Bay.
I am thankful that my March Break is busy so it will go even faster. I'm taking  my LSS Swim and Lifesaving  Instructor course  from Monday to Friday this week.
I have no worries that I'll pass, it's just a pain to complete.

I will also be searching for a Canadian Play with a scene in it for two girls. It may sound easy but it really difficult. If I could choose a musical, it would be a whole other story.

As well, I will be hopefully be finishing my little blurb about myself in french that I have to present at the meeting in North Bay.

Life is Life, and Life is Good

Saturday, 3 March 2012


I LOVE BRUSSELS SPROUTS, the city...??? I don't know... YET :D

Since the Switch

Later the same day I switched countries from Switzerland to Belgium I received an e-mail from one of our district coordinators, as did all of the other outbound students. In the e-mail we were all asked to do a two minute presentation at our next orientation meeting. The thing is we had to present in the language of our host country. I almost immediately burst out laughing. I found it difficult to find the time to study German for the past month. I knew my numbers to 19 and some basic phrases and words, but now... I have to present in french. This will be no big deal because I'm in the extended french program at my school. I've been learning french for 7 years!!!! the funny thing is I'm still learning!!
The reason why I started laughing was I thought about everyone else, all the outbounds. I wasn't laughing at them or the challenge everyone now faces, no, I was laughing at what I imagine the presentations would be like, listening to about16 different languages. I know I understand French and English, and if I'm lucky I can pick out some words in other languages. For about 32 mins I will be listening along with everyone else languages like Croatian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Mandarin and others. I was laughing at the thought of everyone trying to understand what it is that we are saying. LOL!