Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I.D Controls

Here in Belgium people must carry their I.D on them at all times. They do this for many reasons, the scary thing is when you forget your I.D at home and a police officer asks you for it...

They have "controls" to insure that people actually keep their I.D on them. I thought it wasn't so serious but never the less I always have it on me, except once when I went to Liege for the afternoon, so I was nervous once I realized I had forgotten it... I was lucky, no control for me.
The next day my friend told me that she was "controlled" around the same area where I was that same day... LUCKY!! (me, not her. lol)

You can get controlled, AND fined when caught without it, even on the train. For Example, I was on the train one day and this guy was using a Go Pass (the same pass I was using) but didn't have his I.D on him to prove he was the valid age to use the pass...From what I got he was fined 30€ on the spot the charged, and was black listed or received a warning on the train's system...

Lesson Learned:


I'll admit I'm a little ( possible slightly more) scared...

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